Church Life Update

Crystal Tullos

Well, if I told you that we're going to have the most beautiful refinished hardwood floors you have ever seen would that make me telling you that we've got to back up our first service in the new building by one more week less disappointing??!!!

The property manage just emailed me all afraid I was going to yell at her, and told us that while she thinks we may be able to meet there for the first time on the 8th, but she won't know for sure until Wednesday, so I told her....

We aren't mad in the slightest, and we are just so grateful to have a home! I told her we are praying for her as she carries the weight of this project, and thanked her for saying yes to us! I told her let's just take the pressure off and do it on the 15th. You'll love her response:

Well, thank you, you are a saint in my book! That would be awesome if you would be willing to do that! I will let you know, the second I know, when you can start moving stuff in. You have made my weekend and renewed my faith in people. Thank you!

Isn't this what "church" should be about...never a building...always people!

So this Sunday we are going to have 150 Picture Sunday as we announced, continue in our This Is Us series (did anyone watch the new season premier on Tuesday?! I did -- it was a tear jerker (surprise! surprise!); however, we will not be able to the ribbon cutting and building tour as planned, because the refinishing floor project was delayed and they're just starting it today, which means we won't be able to walk in there until Monday.

So I'm sorry, Church! You're being so patient, and we really appreciate how you're staying engaged, but let's just keep hanging in there and enjoying each other's company in that amazing middle school, shall we?!

We're coming back on this Sunday with a strong word at both locations! JUST GET READY!!!!! Bring your tissues! It's going to fill you up with all the good feels... for reelllzzz!

Love to you all --

Pastor Crystal