Vision 26 Offering 2017

StoryHeights Church

Our Vision 26 Offering takes place this Sunday!

As we gear up for a special weekend, we wanted to take a second and remind you about the heart behind this annual over-and-above offering.

Each December, we receive an offering above our usual tithes that goes to support the next snap shot of the vision God has given us. Many of you know the vision that God has given us for the next year is RESTING READY. This means that we are letting our fields rest and will not be starting anything new in 2018.

So then you may be asking - what is this offering for?

This year's Vision 26 offering will allow us to catch us up on the last bit of things that we've invested our time, energy, and resources into over the last two years. In doing so, it will also provide an opportunity for a year of genuine rest. Here are our goals for this year's offering:

1) 35 people saying YES to Jesus by the end of the year.

  • We're never just about taking budgets to new heights -- it's always about taking stories higher.
  • Your contribution to this year's Vision 26 offering may be simply surrendering yourself to the love of Jesus.

2) 15 new weekend volunteers by the end of the year.

  • This is what it would take to adequately cover us at both communities so that our volunteer systems work the way they are designed to.
  • Our goal is for everyone to be able to serve one service and worship one service by the new year to keep in line with a year of rest.

3) 15 new individuals or families to commit to honor God with their tithe in 2018.

  • This goal isn't coming from a place of "we need your money" - we are covered financially.
  • With 15 new givers choosing to honor God with their tithe, we would be able to create margins within our financial "fields" and those that manage them could enjoy a true year of rest.

4) $70,000 is the financial target we are shooting at.

  • This will allow us to catch up on everything we have done by the end of the year.
  • This number is not an indication of debt or dire financial need - in fact, there is no interest associated with it at all. Rather, it will allow us to settle in to our new home, finish off the buildout, and invest in our Southie community even more.

Here's where you come in!

Pray Prepare Participate

We encourage you to ask the Lord and see how he would have you contribute, make the necessary arrangements to do what it is He directs you to do, and then come ready this Sunday, December 10th to give your offering. If you won't be in service this weekend, not to worry - giving will be open through the end of the year (including online at - just be sure to mark that you are giving towards the Vision 26 Offering.

We cant wait to see you Sunday, Church. We are believing it will be another incredible close to a monumentous year in this life of StoryHeights. It's our Anvil Year!