Join a Grow Group

GROW Groups are how we develop mature Christians in our church who have meaningful relationships with Jesus and with other Christians.

In a growing and fast-paced church, it can be easy to feel uncared for or to feel depleted as we serve other people, so belonging to a GROW Group is a critical step in maintaining your spiritual health. GROW groups will help you grow friendships that will positively influence you, your knowledge, love and understanding of the Bible, and your passion and devotion to God.

GROW Groups are groups of five to ten people that meet weekly to study the Bible, encourage and pray with one another, and share life with one another. Your group might meet at a coffee shop, over dinner, or at someone's house. The possibilities are endless.

Sign ups are happening NOW with a new semester starting Monday, January 23rd! Check out the full menu here.

Interested in joining a GROW group?