Volunteering at StoryHeights

StoryHeights Church grows and advances because of the dedication, talent and passion of our volunteers. Building a church and impacting a city takes a team of people. There’s no Easy Button we push, nor can two pastors do it on their own. Everything we do is possible through the faithfulness, hard work and sacrifice of our volunteers.

We believe that because people are the church and church is so much more than just “Sunday services,” God’s business should be the passion of every believer. Ministry isn’t reserved for “staff” or “clergy.” Instead, the Bible teaches that every believer should put God’s kingdom ahead of their own. So we make a concerted effort to make room in our schedules and calendars and busy days to collectively reach people for Jesus.

We are intentional at StoryHeights to allow every person who is ready to join in on the work of God we’re doing at StoryHeights the opportunities to use their time, talents and treasure to partner with God and us to reach people. One of the most common ways this is done is by volunteering at our weekend experiences. StoryHeights services are completely volunteer-run and this is a great way to get involved for anyone looking to take that next step. There are a number of different areas you can serve in on a weekend--from lights and sound, to greeting, security, parking, connecting with first-timers, and working in the kids ministry and many more!

Get Involved With a Ministry Team

When you sign up to volunteer, you’ll be given tools to choose the right team unit based on your personality style, spiritual gifts and even vocations to ensure you get on the most naturally-fitting team unit so that you will flourish and enjoy yourself while you serve God with your talents. It’s how your world and God’s world collide! This model is how we rapidly advance both our vision and mission, and allow you the opportunity to fulfill the ministry you feel called to.

To find your purpose and fit today, fill out the form below and we'll get you all the information you need!