StoryHeights Kids

We are crazy about kids at StoryHeights. To us, kids ministry shouldn’t be babysitting where we just keep them quiet and out of the way. Instead, we believe the best and most critical time to connect a person’s story to God’s story is during childhood. We say SH Kids is where the story begins. We do everything we can to make the SH Kids’ weekend experience fun, exciting and engaging!

All children ages 6 weeks to 5th grade are welcome to enter into our kids' classrooms, or what we call the "StoryLand Library." Your child will be cared for and engage in age-appropriate worship, Bible stories, and activities. In addition to weekend services, all kids are welcome to join us in Servolution outreaches and serve at the weekend experiences and other events. We always provide SH Kids services in all SH events and environments for your convenience.

Our kids’ directors do everything they can to equip your kids to love God with resources and great activities you can use at home. We also host events throughout the year to engage your kids with God’s story to help you create a love for God’s House in their hearts.


What curriculum do you use?

Adventures (K - G5): We use a video based curriculum called SuperBook Academy produced by CBN (Christian Broadcast Network). The animated series follows Chris, Joy and their robot friend Gizmo back in time to biblical times. Each week we focus on a different Bible story and learn how that connects to the kids everyday life.

Heroes (walking - Pre K): We do not use a pre-existing curriculum, instead we use puppets and interactive play to teach Bible stories in an age-appropriate manner. Please note, we do break up the Little Heroes, those who are new walkers, into their own safety zone, away from the bigger preschoolers.

Bookworms (6 wks - 2 years/walking): No curriculum is used, we focus on safe, fun, interactive play in a loving environment.

Your child will leave the StoryLand library with a "Table of Contents," which will tell you all about what they learned that day and give you some cues on how to continue the conversation at home.

Who are the teachers?

Each classroom is lead and taught by StoryHeights volunteers, all of whom have gone through the SH Paths and have passed a CORI background check.

Please note, for the safety of every child, only StoryHeights volunteers wearing a blue volunteer shirt are allowed in the StoryLand library. Please do not enter into the classrooms without prior permission from the teacher.

What should my child expect going into church?

SHKids is a Bible Teaching, Jesus Loving, Fun Seeking environment. God is a father, and fathers love to have FUN with their kids, so we have fun in God's house with high energy games, engaging worship and interactive lessons. Each week kids ages 2-Grade 5 will learn about a different Bible story and how that connects to their everyday lives.

Will my children be fed during service?

On special occasions such as holidays and Super Sundays we provide treats for the children during service. You are welcome to send your child to church with a water bottle or snack to service. If your child needs to be fed at certain time, please let their classroom teacher know. And please do remember we are a peanut-free environment.

What if something happens with my child during service?

Upon checking your child(ren) into the StoryLand Library you will receive a check in card with your child(ren)'s ID number on it. If in the case of an emergency, extreme behavior or an inconsolable child, the ID number will appear on the screen during service. Upon seeing the ID number, the parent should report to the check in kiosk to pick up there child.