StoryHeights Men

At StoryHeights, we believe God’s House is most powerful when both men and women are fully present, fully alive and fully awake. So as a church, we make a concerted effort to raise up godly men who take their rightful place and fulfill their God-given role as leaders in their homes, church, and communities.

A Note From Our Pastor:

Now more than ever, the Church needs men to leave adolescence behind and take their place as men, adding their strength, wisdom and leadership in God’s House. We cannot let the women do this alone. God needs you to take your place in His Kingdom. So, men, I challenge you to give God your heart — pick up your sword and start studying the Bible; kill your sin, put away your childish ways; and become a king, lead your home and church towards Christ. Let’s advance God’s Kingdom together.

SH Men is more than a men’s ministry — it’s a brotherhood. It’s designed so we can talk transparently about the issues we face, seek accountability, authenticity and purity while challenging, sharpening and encouraging each other. When we get together to be masters of the grill, study the Bible, strategize and pray for our church together, I promise you you’ll walk away feeling like you’re living on purpose.

I need you, man. Take your place.