StoryHeights Sisterhood

At StoryHeights, we believe God’s House is most powerful when both men and women are fully present, fully alive and fully awake. That’s why we’re a church that believes the best in women, recognizes the beauty of the feminine spirit, and champions the strength of God’s daughters. Because of that, the StoryHeights Sisterhood’s passion and cause is to care for and empower women of all ages to live Redeemed, Empowered and Daring. We're Sisterhood RED.

Sisterhood isn’t just a women’s ministry. In fact, it’s a part of a grander story of a sisterhood that is emerging not only in our house but all across the world. It’s the story of God gathering his daughters to change the world and place value on all women.

There's Room For You

A Note From Our Pastor:

I know coming to a “women’s group” can sometimes be intimidating and uncomfortable, but I want to reassure you that this is no petty social club where we one-up each other based on our clothes, makeup and personalities. This is about the women of StoryHeights joining their souls, linking arms, and becoming a company of women that will make a mark in our city and world.

When we come together for our Sisterhood RED Events, you’ll be refreshed and empowered with God’s Word every time. I’ll save you a seat!

So my challenge to you is conquer your fear of women, conquer your busy schedule, conquer your insecurities and come join the StoryHeights Sisterhood. There’s room for you in our Sisterhood. You’ll find friends for a lifetime and encounter Jesus while we change the World together.

You're fabulous!
Love, Crystal