GROW Groups


GROW Groups are the best way at StoryHeights to grow your faith and grow your community. You were not designed to do life alone, so we've created multiple options all over the city for you to engage with other Christians, study the Bible and have a community around you that will encourage you!

GROW Groups meet all over the city on different nights of the week, and if you can't find one that works for you, we'll do all we can to create one that works. Groups reform with every new semester, so you'll never feel like a stranger on the outside. Signups are happening now, so check out the menu below and sign up by filling out the form below.


Believe - This group is great for those looking for a safe place to ask questions while exploring the Christian faith and learning what following Jesus means.

Bible Study - Groups with this title will study the Old Testament thriller, Judges. which is the story of how God rescued His people time and time again and points forward to His greatest rescue of all time, YOU!

LEAD 101 - This group is for the individual looking to grow as a leader in every sphere of life. LEAD 101 teaches you how to apply Christianity as a lifestyle.

LEAD 201 - This group is for the individual looking to continue growing as a leader by learning how to read, study and apply the Bible in a theological setting so that you can shape every sphere of life. Individuals seeking this course must complete LEAD 101 first.

Mom's Devotional - Groups with this title is great for women living the mom life! It's super kid-friendly and laid back. Come enjoy coffee with other women living in your same lane.

Prep4Marriage - Whether you're dating towards engagement, engaged heading towards marriage, or already married, this couples group will help you prepare to honor God with your marriage.

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things With Money - This group will identify areas of financial dysfunction and offer strategies designed to help different personality types achieve financial freedom by working with their own natural inclinations.



Band Rehearsals & Devotional - 7pm | Newton

Bible Study - 7:15pm | Newton


Bible Study - 7:30am | Newton

Mom's Devotional - 10:00am | Jamaica Plain & Watertown

Believe - 7:00pm | Belmont

Bible Study - 7pm | Roslindale


Bible Study - 6:30am | Newton

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things With Money - 7pm | Brookline

LEAD 101 - 7pm | Walpole

Bible Study - 7:15pm | Watertown

LEAD 201 - Starting March 15th - 7:30pm | Medfield

Prep4Marriage - 7:30pm | Medfield