Gratefully, we're working with a property management company that is fronting the majority of the total custom build-out cost for this space, which is estimated to be between $150,000 and $180,000. We have accepted responsibility for a small portion of the build-out cost, totaling $30,000, which is due in thirds throughout the construction process: $10,000 upon lease signing, $10,000 by May 1st, and $10,000 due upon completion by June 30th.

Additionally, upon lease signing we must pay $9,267 dollars due for the first-month's rent upon lease signing.

Anything over that number will be used to pay for desired upgrades in materials and finishes throughout the space to create an excellent first impression.


Although we have a lot of signage, equipment and supplies from our current venue, we will need to invest in new furniture, lighting, sound and signage packages as well as chairs, a stage and a whole list of other miscellaneous supplies that a permanent space requires.

We've consulted with other pastors and churches who have recently moved in to spaces of our size and acquired lists from their experience of what is actually needed.

We approximate this cost to be $82,000. We'll be able to minimally outfit the space after construction is completed between July 9th and July 22nd. This will allow us to soft launch on July 23rd. We will spend all of August studying the real-time usage and needs of the space so that we can polish the space before we advertise our grand opening service on September 10th.


Office & Small Group Meeting Space

$2,116 GIVE NOW

Sanctuary & Tech Room

$17,060 GIVE NOW

Foyer & Cafe

$19,952 GIVE NOW

Family Check-In Center

$7,650 GIVE NOW

Adventurers (Kids 5+) & Youth Theater

$15,150 GIVE NOW

Little Adventurers Classroom (3s-4s)

$5,000 GIVE NOW

Heroes Classroom (Walkers - 2s)

$5,000 GIVE NOW

Bookworms Nursery & Nursing Mothers

$7,200 GIVE NOW

Although we've done some advertising via MBTA ads and social media ads over the last five years, we've waited to do an extensive mailer. We didn't know a soul here when we parachuted in, and we've had to disciple 90% of the church by hand, so it was important to us to grow slowly and methodically so that we could build people and systems and lay a strong foundation to sustain growth at the right time. We feel it's now time to throw our doors open widely! This space will maximize our retention.

We plan to do a grand opening weekend on September 10th after sending out over 100,000 mailers to Newton, Chestnut Hill, Wellesley, Needham, Cambridge, Brookline, and Westwood, as well as some of the neighborhoods of Boston such as West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and South Boston. The estimated cost for this mail piece is $50,000 (including postage).