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Vision & Mission

At StoryHeights, our Vision and Mission are simple: we exist to connect your story to God’s story, so that He can take your story to new heights. We do this by making available to you a local, life-giving church with one heart and many locations. Our vision is to see an expression of StoryHeights throughout the 23 neighborhoods of Boston and in Newton, Brookline, and Cambridge. We call this Vision 26.

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Our Pastors & Team

Believers who invest their hearts, time, families, and finances in the building of a local church deserve to have confidence in church leadership. Our church government is made up of people who have been tried and tested by time. They conduct themselves with integrity and respect when making decisions and have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and put God first in every area.

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Our Plot

As a church, our plot represents our core values—they are what we build our story on. We’ve developed 15 points that guide our actions and intentions, and they have proven themselves tried and true. These are the heartbeat of our church and some of the main influencers in all we do. Our story may go through many chapters, but we always strive to keep the plot consistent.

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Our Story

Here at StoryHeights, we love a good story. We believe they are what make us who we are. We believe they have the power to change lives and influence history. And we believe that they are best when shared. We’d love to share ours with you.

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We pride ourselves on being a church done differently. We exist to show you that church can be enjoyed, not just endured, and that it has the power to change your life and the world. At the same time, we recognize the utmost importance of being rooted in biblical truth. As a church, we hold tightly to conservative theological tenants of faith.

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