Vision & Mission

Here at StoryHeights, you will often hear us reference "Vision 26." It's our dream to encircle the city of Boston with local church communities so that the people belonging to the 23 neighborhoods of Boston + Newton, Cambridge, and Brookline have access to a powerful and life-giving Sunday church experience. This is one of the heartbeats of our church, and it exists to coincide with our mission: to connect your story to God’s story, so that he can take your story to new heights. We exist to reach every sector of the Boston area and greater New England at large—whether that be within a church context, the marketplace, education, or small group communities. In whatever method, our aim is to reach "the one." Jesus told us in the Bible that all of Heaven's attention is on the one person who is lost, or not where they were originally intended to be, and God moves all of Heaven and Earth to find, rescue and restore one person at a time. There's no one that's too insignificant, too important, or too far out of His reach; and because that is Heaven's cry, it's our heartbeat and we do everything with that aim in mind.

Core Values

Here's how you can describe all of StoryHeights' environments, ministries and community: REAL, EXCITING, SERVING and POWERFUL.


Our church values real environments. We don't like fake, and we prefer to be a family that is filled with people who are real, who have real issues, struggles, dreams, and live real life. You don't have to put on a mask here. And we commit to you the ability to be authentic, because it's in this genuine environment that you'll find your life flourish.


We think church should be fun and enjoyable. We, after all, don't serve a dead God! We think time in His presence should be a party not a funeral! We celebrate a risen Savior, and all the work He is doing in our lives. Every day with God can be better than the day before. We commit to keeping things fresh, providing you exciting opportunities to grow and stretch in your faith so that things don't get stale.


We will serve you by allowing you the room to go at your own pace and grow your faith as you feel God leading you. We won't be pushy and place unfair expectations on you. Instead, we will meet you where you're at and come alongside you as you need to champion your spiritual growth. And we also give you opportunities to put your faith into action with what we call SERVOLUTION. These outreaches are our way of being the hands and feet of Jesus on the Earth. We've found when you serve other people who may be less fortunate than you, your perspective changes.


We commit to you powerful worship services and strong Bible teaching. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but always we try to tell you what you need to hear because it's the truth of God's Word, not our opinions, that has the power to change our lives. We do our best to provide people with powerful encounters in worship and our ministries that will create life change and not merely busy your schedule.